Simple steps to define a sound strategy for your startup

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We live in uncertain times

In the current volatile and uncertain times, running a business without a sound strategy is similar to sailing uncharted seas without a compass.The chances of reaching shore are minimal.

Strategy isn’t fluff

It is about having absolute clarity on your aspirations and the avenues to fulfil them.

It is a coherent vision of why your business exists, the problem you’re solving, the clients you’re serving, the value you are offering. It articulates what makes you unique and how you operate to deliver that value.

Defining a strategy is making a clear set of choices. It drives you away from the temptation of pursuing…

Do not just follow Airbnb or Uber’s templates

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

If your pitch deck is repeatedly failing to convince investors of how unique and investment-worthy your business is, it is maybe you’ve been following one of the generic pitch templates that fly around the internet.

There are tons of blog posts, step-by-step guides and pitch teardowns out there teaching entrepreneurs how to create their fundraising pitch deck. If you’ve ever looked into raising start-up capital, you have probably come across some of those resources.

They teach you “everything” you need to know about fundraising: from VCs mindset to pitch deck content through PowerPoint best practices. …

Situ Kodjo

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